Meet Kate

Welcome to Everything Yoga… yes, I am rather Yoga mad, but this sort of madness helps keep me sane!

Since I can remember, navigating my way through life has been a rollercoaster (sometimes not the fun sort), with multiple mental health issues like depression, anxiety and anorexia that were little, large bumps along the way. Now, I am not going to tell you that Yoga saved me completely, but it does offer me a way of managing my stresses and provides a more grounded way for me to exist….as, I still do get anxiety! 

 What sort of yoga am I talking about?! 

Although, I love prancing around my mat like a playful panther, the practice of yoga runs much deeper for me and blends into my everyday world. I use daily breath work to balance my nervous system, movement depending on my mood (even running can be explored in a yogic way), meditations for discovering my mind and constant learning and adaption for my evolving brain and undulating emotions. 

So, what do you really want to know about me? 

I studied philosophy at university, as I have always been someone who loved to question and try to understand things in depth. However, I definitely wasn’t planning to become the next Plato, no matter how appealing lounging in a robe pondering life may be. So, my journey progressed when I decided to delve into a foundation course of psychotherapy at Regents University, but before I took the leap (and the massive expenditure) into my masters, I went travelling in 2014 where India stole my heart. And within India, I rediscovered yoga. 

Admittedly, I did begin as a fiery ashtanga yoga practitioner but soon found this wasn’t really my true calling. Don’t get me wrong, I love a strong Yoga class, but I prefer to tap into more of my creativity and intuition, whilst appreciating our unique anatomy. 


But there was still a link missing. 

Along came The Minded Institute. A wonderful faculty where I learnt how to become a Yoga therapist, qualifying in 2020. Combining my passion for movement, mental health, scientific knowledge and the spiritual connections yoga also serves. 

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, my other thread of passion is Thai massage. This I sort of fell into gracefully as I was taught a few techniques in India, and when my Mum broke her wrist, she asked me to stretch her out…then dad asked…then other family asked…and then I found The School of Thai Yoga Massage! I quickly learnt that this was something I loved, so I did more training with a fantastic teacher at Karuna Bodywork and developed a more contemporary way of practicing Thai yoga massage.


I mean, there is a lot more I could tell you, but let’s allow some stuff to still be discover.

I think you may already know; I love the colour mustard yellow 😉 

Thanks for reading and I hope we get to know one other soon.