About Yoga With Me

I practice and teach quite a few styles of yoga and at varying levels of ability. I love to geek out on anatomy and physiology, use my therapy skills and energetic awareness, and bring relevant aspects of the philosophy of yoga within my teachings. Add a sprinkle of Kate to the class, and you will have a unique style all on its own where we can learn together and explore this ever evolving practice called Yoga. 

Hatha Yoga

These classes offer different focuses on parts of the body, or a specific theme which is woven into a sequence where we grow in knowledge, build on strength, enable mobility and flexibility, discover how to breathe effectively and always end with a rest. I try to keep every session interesting and accessible. So, even if you are new to yoga, come and try Hatha with me.

Gentle Yoga

A space for more gentle exploration of the body and mind where I incorporate breath work, meditations, slow movements and restful practices. If you need something a little slower and kinder to your body, this is a perfect class for you. 

As with all my yoga classes, you can do as much or as little as you need.

Flow Yoga

This is a playful, dynamic moving practice. We flow around our mats, testing our bodies and our brains by using my creatives sequences that can sometimes seem like playing a game of twister.

But once you have learnt how to place your body, you will develop a smooth, elegant, waterlike motion that allows your mind to focus and your body to be expressive. 

Not a class for beginners, but if you never try, you will never know. New challenges keep us young! 

Yin Yoga

The opposite of yang.We hold poses that are supported for up to 5 mins each. This give you the opportunity to discover the fascinating web of sensation and emotion that is embedding within our bodies. 


Chinese meridians play a role in this yoga practice, as does fascia stretching and meditation. I wouldn’t say this is an easy class, due to the long holds that sometimes bring up deep sensational experiences both physically and emotionally. However, it is slow and supported by use of props. 

Monthly Yoga

Each month I hold an in person yoga session in Thame, Oxfordshire, at Thame Barns Centre on a Sunday morning at 10am. We have a particular theme for each month to focus our practice.

There are about 15 spaces available.

£10 per person.

Bucks Mind Yoga

I hold two sessions weekly online via zoom which are organised through the charity Bucks Mind.

We focus specifically on yoga for supporting mental health. 

 This is a free yoga session, and you can apply through Bucks Mind.

Yoga Therapy

A space to connect in a safe therapeutic way. Using a plethora of skills within the yoga and therapy world, I adapt my sessions for every individual, based on your specific needs. 


It is then enhanced by the relational interaction you can only receive in a private yoga therapy environment.

1-1 Private Yoga

Need help with your yoga practice or want to have classes personally created to suit your ability?


I offer private 1-1 yoga from the comfort of your home or at my Studio in Bledlow.It is a perfect way to deepen your ability and to create some space to include yoga into your weekly routine.