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This is a style of yoga which embodies a variety of yoga skills. Each class has a different focus where you will explore the body/mind in all its multiple facets. The videos allow you to become more knowledgeable about your own body as you develop physical strength, improve mobility, discover breathing practices, dabble in meditation and much more.

The sessions are suitable for most levels but may vary in intensity.


Challenge your body and your brain as you weave in and out of postures in a fun and creative way. No flow is ever the same and you will be constantly pushed to develop your flowing rhythm in a kind and encouraging manner.

These flows are not for the faint hearted and may require previous yoga experience as you will move rather fast. But there is no harm in trying and seeing how you get on and how you may improve over time.

Gentle Yoga

Immerse yourself in soothing yoga practices that will gently stretch your body, calm your nervous system to enable relaxation and encourage your mind to softly focus on a particular aspect within the session.

These classes are suitable for most levels, including beginners.

Yin Yoga

 In these classes you will hold supported postures for longer periods of time (around 3- 5mins) and explore sensations, energy and any movement which arises. This was Developed around Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian lines and used to allow the flow of Chi to move more easily around the body.

You access fascia (connective tissue) when you slowly dive into these poses and intensity may be felt.

So, although the postures may be supported this can be quite a hard practice as the body will be stretched deeply.

Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Simple meditations, like yoga nidra and mindfulness, can be explored here. Also, you have access to beneficial breathing practices like coherent breathing, dirga breath. These classes can be done as separate sessions or before/after movement.

Be aware that some classes may not be suitable for certain people with particular conditions so do read the information on each session before practicing.

Therapeutic Yoga

Using practices from yoga therapy, these classes are aimed at specific needs or conditions. An nice introduction to yoga therapy skills or to practice certain activities you may have experienced in yoga therapy with Kate.


These are classes which have an awareness on building up your fitness. There is cardio, weight sessions, specific muscle exercises and more, to help strengthen and condition your body.