What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage originates from ancient Buddhism and is considered as a holistic approach to massage. It is one of the most accessible ways to receive a massage as the client is fully clothed, lies on a futon on the floor and is allowed to be completely relaxed whilst receiving the treatment.

 The therapist works with their whole body in a massage dance. They follow energy lines (the Ten Sen) to help release tension and blockages that may cause pain and discomfort by stretching, applying pressure and rocking the body. This form of massage embodies the concept of loving kindness, so it has a meditative approach and a profound connection to the sense of touch and its complex physical/emotional responses for both the receiver and the giver.

My Approach

Over the years of training and practice, I have developed an intuitive approach to massaging clients. Meaning, each session will be unique and tailored to what the client is feeling. I use yoga like stretches, fascia releasing techniques, acupressure point work, soft tissue releasing, dynamic rocking, light touch work, scar therapy, and I take my time to connect with the body so I can pay attention to the emotions held within. 

Thai Massage can be intense but, using breath and awareness we will be attuned throughout the session so you will never go beyond your threshold.




£70 for 60 mins

£85 for 75 mins

£100 for 90 mins

£130 for 120mins

For a full Thai massage experience, I highly recommend a 2 hour massage.

Warning…once you have had a 2 hour massage, you won’t be able to have less!


Where Im Based

I offer massage in Glasgow City Centre, Scotland.

At Psyche Therapy Centre

1 1, 307 W George St, Glasgow G2 4LF


What to Wear

Comfortable clothing that you feel free to move in.

I recommend:


Yoga clothes

Sports/gym wear 

Jogging bottoms

pyjamas are fine too


Please do not wear shorts

Be aware that loose clothes will move around so if you want full coverage wear layers or tighter fitting clothes

Who is Thai Massage for?


I adapt to every single client and your specific needs on the day of the session.

Thai Massage is often called ‘lazy yoga’, so it is a great way to be stretched out, to relax and reset the body.

I do not diagnose but I can work with most conditions, and we can discuss areas that may need avoiding or attending to before any session. 

Be mindful that my studio has stairs to climb up and you will need to be able to get down and up from the floor.

My Training

I was trained in Traditional Thai Yoga massage at The School of Thai Massage by the incredible Kira Balaskas in 2017, completing my advanced training with her too.

I learnt how to use Myofascial releasing techniques with Amanda at the Pain Care Clinic in 2018 and studied with Karuna Bodywork in dynamic Thai Massage in 2019.

In 2020 I went on to study Scar therapy using the Sharon Wheeler approach, taught by Emma at Restore Therapy.

I am currently studying Osteothai with David Lutt in France.

I am always keen to learn more and bring what skills to sessions where required.

We Need Touch

“There is no sensation without emotion” – David Linden

Every single person needs touch in order to develop as a human and it is one of the oldest and primitive ways we care for each other and connect. If we do not receive this vital touching as babies, it can be disastrous for our growth physically, mentally and emotionally. It is believed that when we receive touch, we release the hormone Oxytocin that triggers the calm and connection system (parasympathetic nervous system). This system lasts longer than a fight or flight reaction (sympathetic nervous system) and can lead to positive behavioural changes, lowering of blood pressure and reduced anxiety.

 Dopamine and serotonin are other healthy hormones believed to reduce stress and harmful overloads of the hormone cortisol, when we are touched. In today’s world, our touching connection is compromised due to a variety of reasons. So, we can rediscover this vital interaction within Thai massage.